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Electronic thermometer keeps track of baby's temperature

When winter comes and the temperature drops drastically, children are especially prone to catch colds and fevers, which makes many parents at a loss. However, some experienced parents will know that the child's fever is not terrible. The key is to see whether the method of reducing the fever is scientific. Every parent wants the best protection for their babies, but there are so many kinds of thermometers on the market that they don't know how to choose. The Genao infrared thermometer uses infrared to measure body temperature, and it is mostly divided into contact and non-contact. Infrared thermometer is forehead temperature measurement, safe and accurate, suitable for the elderly, children, hospitals and families. Many infrared electronic clinical thermometers are better used, such as our Guangdong Genao.

Digital Thermometer

Genao infrared thermometer, one-second temperature measurement, voice broadcast, multiple purposes, etc. The three-color backlight display is easy to measure at night, and every temperature measurement will bring a comfortable experience; as soon as possible, the infrared temperature probe can measure the body temperature in one second, which is faster; the artificial engineering design appearance gives you the enjoyment of beauty; Water temperature and milk temperature can meet your various needs, add fever warning reminder, more intelligent.

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