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What is the normal body temperature of the forehead thermometer?

The temperature measurement principle of Genio Home Infrared Forehead Thermometer is to display the human body temperature by measuring the infrared heat radiation of the human forehead. Household forehead infrared thermometer, one-second temperature measurement, fever reminder, multi-purpose, imported chip, infrared probe temperature measurement is more professional, ergonomic design appearance, safe temperature measurement.

Forehead temperature gun OEM

The normal body temperature measured by a forehead thermometer should be below 37.0℃, and most people fluctuate between 36.0 and 37.0℃. If it is above 37.0℃, it is considered fever. The forehead temperature range of Genao infrared forehead thermometer is 32.5 to 42.9℃, with an accuracy of ±0.2℃. However, the value measured by the infrared forehead thermometer is greatly affected by the ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature is higher, the measured body temperature will be higher, and the ambient temperature will be lower, and the measured value will be lower.