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Congratulations to our company for Being Recognized by Zhaoqing Municipal People's Government as: Excellent Quality Benchmark Enterprise

source:NEWS 2022-09-21 14:55:26

Congratulations to our company for Being Recognized by Zhaoqing 

Municipal People's Government as: Excellent Quality Benchmark Enterprise


           On September 14, 2022, the Zhaoqing Municipal People's Government issued the "Notice of the Zhaoqing Municipal People's Government on the Result of the 2021 Zhaoqing Excellent Quality Benchmarking Enterprise (Organization)", which announced that our company (Guangdong Genial Technology Co., Ltd.) is the Zhaoqing City Excellent Quality Benchmarking enterprises in 2021.



           The designation of Excellent Quality Benchmarking Enterprise (Organization) aims to promote advanced quality management mode, guide and motivate enterprises and institutions in our city to strengthen performance management, and promote the high-quality development of industry and economy.

All members of our company are very honored that the company has been recognized as a Benchmark Enterprise of Excellent Quality in Zhaoqing City, and we are also very grateful to the Zhaoqing Municipal People's Government for their recognition of our company!

         Warmly congratulations to our company for winning the 2021 Zhaoqing Excellent Quality Benchmark Enterprise Certification, and thanks to all Genial staff for their hard work in 2021 and the support of all customers. Based on the management model of excellent performance, Genial people will comprehensively improve the quality of work, develop and produce high-quality products, provide better services for customers and users, and create contributions to the society and the local economy.

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