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Choose Genio Mercury-free thermometer to choose health and safety

A mercury thermometer, a kind of clinical thermometer, is made of glass and contains a mercury column that rises with body temperature. Mercury thermometers are widely used in the medical field and ordinary households, and some pharmacies can buy mercury thermometers. Considering the harm of mercury in mercury thermometers, many countries have already taken bans on them. As early as 1992, Sweden had banned the sale of all mercury-containing medical equipment.

Choose Genio Mercury-free thermometer to choose safety and health. Genao Technology is a domestic electronic thermometer OEM, providing electronic thermometer OEM and thermometer OEM services for the world's top 500 companies. It has 19 years of clinical thermometer OEM experience and has a complete range of clinical thermometer medical equipment qualifications. , And passed CE1639, ROHS, CFDA, REACH and other certifications. The product production line has passed the ISO13485 international medical device quality management system certification and the French BV production enterprise in-depth certification.