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genial thermometer is a good tool for intelligent and rapid temperature measurement

source:Industry Information 2022-08-15 13:54:16 Smart thermometer smart thermometer manufacturer smart thermometer production

The smart and fast thermometer is our Jianao electronic thermometer. Genao Technology is a domestic electronic thermometer OEM, providing electronic thermometer OEM and thermometer OEM services for the world's top 500 companies. It has 19 years of clinical thermometer OEM experience and has a complete range of clinical thermometer medical equipment qualifications. , And passed CE0120, CE, ROHS, FDA, CFDA, REACH and other certifications. The product line has passed the ISO13485 international medical device quality management system certification and the French BV production enterprise in-depth certification.

Smart thermometer

Genao electronic infrared thermometer is what we call a thermometer that can measure temperature quickly and accurately. Genao infrared thermometer, one-second temperature measurement, voice broadcast, multiple purposes, etc. The three-color backlight display is easy to measure at night, and every temperature measurement will bring a comfortable experience; as soon as possible, the infrared temperature probe can measure the body temperature in one second, which is faster; the artificial engineering design appearance gives you the enjoyment of beauty; Water temperature and milk temperature can meet your various needs, add fever warning reminder, more intelligent.

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