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Did you choose the right home smart thermometer

The clinical thermometer is a kind of highest thermometer, and it is called the probe in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It can record the highest temperature ever measured by this thermometer. After use, the thermometer should "return to the watch", that is, hold the upper part of the thermometer and shake it down to make the mercury that has risen into the tube return to the glass bulb. Other thermometers must not be shaken. This is a major difference between clinical thermometers and other liquid thermometers. Household thermometers have mercury electronic thermometers. The mercury thermometer is made of glass and contains a mercury column that rises with body temperature. Mercury thermometers are widely used in the medical field and ordinary households, and some pharmacies can buy mercury thermometers. It is not recommended to choose a mercury thermometer for household use. For household thermometers, buy Genao electronic thermometers.

Home smart thermometer

The SECO electronic thermometer does not contain mercury, which is harmless to the human body and the surrounding environment, and is especially suitable for use in homes, hospitals and other occasions. The SECO electronic digital thermometer can be measured with one touch, and the measurement time is one minute, which can measure the oral cavity, armpits and anus. Waterproof material, LCD screen, Seiko sensor technology, memory system, buzzer reminder. It is convenient for the elderly to measure temperature, and the reading is easier.

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