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Digital thermometer is convenient for elderly people to read

source:Industry Information 2022-08-15 13:49:06 Digital thermometer digital thermometer manufacturer digital thermometer production

When a person reaches a certain age, his eyesight will decline and he can see smaller text clearly. When I was sick, I took my body temperature at home because my vision was blurred and I couldn't see the degree. There is a clinical thermometer suitable for the elderly in the clinical thermometer market, that is, the SECO electronic digital thermometer.

Digital digital thermometer

The SECO electronic digital thermometer is made transparent through the strict production process of the thermometer. Layers of quality inspection, all thermometers have been tested in a constant temperature bath to ensure the accuracy of the thermometer; put the thermometer in different temperature and humidity environments to test, observe the impact of the thermometer material and accuracy; ensure that the thermometer probe and thermistor are in firm contact to ensure The quality of clinical thermometers; simulate the transportation environment to ensure the safety of the product during transportation and ensure every thermometer. The SECO electronic digital thermometer can be measured with one touch, and the measurement time is one minute, which can measure the oral cavity, armpits and anus. Waterproof material, LCD screen, Seiko sensor technology, memory system, buzzer reminder. It is convenient for the elderly to measure temperature, and the reading is easier.

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