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Infrared electronic thermometer baby special thermometer

Autumn and winter are the high seasons for babies to catch colds and fevers. In addition to obvious runny nose and cough, the body temperature is also one of the indications to judge the baby's condition. When to physically cool down, when to take antipyretics, and when to take the baby to the hospital, all need to be judged by body temperature. Therefore, it is very important to have an accurate thermometer! Genao infrared electronic thermometer is convenient for measuring temperature of baby.

Infrared electronic clinical thermometer

Genao electronic infrared thermometer, one-second temperature measurement, voice broadcast, multiple purposes, etc. The three-color backlight display is easy to measure at night, and every temperature measurement will bring a comfortable experience; as soon as possible, the infrared temperature probe can measure the body temperature in one second, which is faster; the artificial engineering design appearance gives you the enjoyment of beauty; Water temperature and milk temperature can meet your various needs, add fever warning reminder, more intelligent. It is a good tool for measuring body temperature at home.