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Still using mercury thermometers, it’s safe to use mercury-free thermometers

source:Industry Information 2022-08-15 14:16:53 Mercury-free clinical thermometer mercury-free clinical thermometer wholesale

A mercury thermometer, a kind of clinical thermometer, is made of glass and contains a mercury column that rises with body temperature. Mercury thermometers are widely used in the medical field and ordinary households, and some pharmacies can buy mercury thermometers. When it comes to mercury, we are all afraid. The pictures of mercury poisoning in the TV plot are still vivid: people who used to be meticulous are now dizzy, headache, forgetful and insomnia; people who used to be gentle and elegant are now irritable, irritable, timid, shy and shy. suspicious. In short, mercury poisoning can cause a person's mental symptoms and personality changes. Mercury can be absorbed into the body through the respiratory tract, digestive tract, skin, and mucous membranes, resulting in varying degrees of central nervous system symptoms and kidney damage, as well as respiratory symptoms and gastrointestinal symptoms. The mercury-free clinical thermometer we are talking about is an electronic clinical thermometer. Guangdong Genao infrared electronic thermometer is very suitable for household thermometers.

Genao infrared electronic thermometer, one-second temperature measurement, voice broadcast, multiple purposes, etc. The three-color backlight display is easy to measure at night, and every temperature measurement will bring a comfortable experience; as soon as possible, the infrared temperature probe can measure the body temperature in one second, which is faster; the artificial engineering design appearance gives you the enjoyment of beauty; Water temperature and milk temperature can meet your various needs, add fever warning reminder, more intelligent. It is a good tool for measuring body temperature at home.