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Smart Basal Thermometer T28L

source:Industry Information 2022-09-26 09:36:55 monitor every degree Multi-purpose machine Genial cloud APP 21 years of perseverance

Product degree


01 Monitor every degree

     Take care of every day


              Professional chip, reliable algorithm, accurate display to 0.01℃ in 9 seconds,

          Fast temperature measurement, faster, more accurate and better "pregnancy"

          Waterproof soft head, buzzer reminder, large screen display, warm and intimate like a girlfriend


02 Multi-purpose machine

     Pregnancy preparation artifact, more than that


            Continuously measure the basal body temperature, use the exclusive temperature measurement chart, 

         and grow as you like.

         Scientific preparation for pregnancy, extensive demand, unlimited business opportunities in the blue ocean 


         Rich usage scenarios, pregnancy preparation, contraception, temperature measurement, epidemic 

         prevention, and more functions will be unlocked soon.



03 Genial cloud APP

     Big data empowerment, easy pregnancy and use


         Equipped with Genial Cloud APP, wireless Internet of Things, entering the new market of digital health

         Smart APP, Bluetooth connection, a variety of solutions to connect worry-free

蓝牙T28英文详情_07 - 副本

04 21 years of perseverance


         Profession creates trust


           Continuous research and innovation, the company has obtained 122 honorary qualifications, and passed 

        IS013485, SO45001, SO14001, GB/T29490 intellectual property management system certification.

        The product has passed CE, NMPA, FCC, ROHS, REACH, FDA certification.

        According to your needs, we can provide one-stop personalized customization services for product design, 

        research and development, proofing, production, and brand incubation.

        For OFM orders, we will provide you with a product quotation plan within 30 minutes, 24-hour delivery, 3-

        day sample delivery, and 7-day product delivery. You can explore the global market with confidence.


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