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Genial Technology Successfully Passed BSCI Factory Inspection! ------ Practicing Social Responsibility and Guarding Healthy Life

source:Genial Dynamic 2022-08-15 13:53:05

1. About The Inspection Process

The inspection is audited by a third-party professional organization, including document audits, on-site audits, employee interviews and other related sections. The whole process is rigorous and comprehensive, aimed at the enforcement of all aspects of corporate social responsibility are truly in place. And eventually, Genial Technology has managed to pass the audit!


From the very beginning, Genial Technology has been bold enough in taking social responsibility as we are always sticking to our faith of "managing health, benefiting mankind". We have put social responsibility into practice of all aspects of production, research and marketing etc.


The certificate of BSCI not only marks the recognition of our company by BSCI organization, but also represents the further acknowledgment and enhancement of our international credibility.


2. About BSCI

BSCI - Business Social Compliance Initiative, enables companies to engage in targeted trade

by supporting human rights due diligence in their supply chains. 


In a global marketplace, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. Now more than ever, it is imperative for companies to improve the transparency of their production and to drive improvements in their supply chains. BSCI brings all members and actors in their supply chains together under one code of conduct. This step-by-step approach allows companies to monitor, engage, empower and gain support to put sustainable trade at the heart of their business. BSCI also offers their members a robust and complete due diligence package: mapping, risk assessment, auditing, remediation, capacity building and stakeholder engagement. By sharing the results of audit activities and remediation steps on BSCIs platforms, members reduce their efforts and expense and increase consistency and efficiency for buyers and suppliers.


3. About the Future

As an expert of thermometers and blood pressure monitors manufacturer, Genial Technology has always committed to the value of "products reflect personality of a company" since its establishment in 2001. We have been practicing our mission of "managing health, benefiting mankind" by strictly controlling the quality of products, and taking social responsibility.


In the future, Genial Technology will continue to fulfill our commitment, complies with laws and regulations, improves management systems, protects human rights and interests of employees, enhances the happiness of employees, and thus ensure product quality and service!


At the same time, Genial Technology gains the international credibility through BSCI audit and turn it into corporate development force, such as boosting the process of intelligent manufacturing, framework of digital health, IoT and the big health industry etc. We will keep digging into more household user scenarios, extending more product lines, upholding the quality management, practicing social responsibility, creating social value and guarding healthy life in the future!

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