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Blood Pressure Monitor
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Bluetooth Tri-color Backlight Blood Pressure Monitor GT-722C

Bluetooth Tri-color Backlight Blood Pressure Monitor GT-722C

1. Newly upgraded bluetooth three-color backlight electronic blood pressure monitor, bluetooth connection APP cloud storage data
2. The company has passed ISO 13485, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, GB/T 29490, BSCI intellectual property management system certification
3. Can be customized according to your needs

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Feature of product

01 Blood pressure management experts around you

       Health is always visible

        Smart chip, multiple technology upgrades, newly upgraded Bluetooth model connected to APP cloud storage data to

        accurately grasp blood pressure changes

        Big screen, big buttons, loud volume broadcast, easy to operate

        Upper arm measurement design, soft skin-friendly armband, good measurement experience

        High-density PVC shell, high-grade color box packaging, solid atmosphere, guaranteed during transportation


02 Source manufacturers

     High quality guaranteed

          Factory direct delivery, 0 middlemen earn the difference, affordable price and worry-free after-sales

          All products have undergone at least 13 testing procedures to fully escort product quality

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03 Won a number of international qualification certification

     Sell more confidently

         Continuous research and innovation, the company has obtained 206 honorary qualifications, and passed

         ISO 13485,ISO45001ISO14001, GB/T29490 intellectual property management system certification;

         Products have passed CE, CB, NMPA, FDA, FCC, ROHS, REACH, BSCI certification


04 23 years of perseverance

         Professionals have long been trusted

         Twenty years of deep cultivation of medical device production, professional because of focus

         According to your needs, we can provide one-stop personalized customization services for product design, research and

         development, proofing, production, and brand incubation

         For OEM orders, we will provide you with a product quotation plan within 30 minutes, 24-hour delivery, 3-day sample delivery, 

         and 7-day product delivery. You can explore the global market with confidence.


Genial Production Flow

01  SMT Patch

       Self-owned SMT workshop provides fast lead time with excellent quality control management.


02 Plastic Components Moulding Injection

        Genial possesses over 30 sets of automatic moulding injection machines. Genial mold design and development are controlled and

      finished by professional mold structural engineers and designers.


03 Intelligent Assembly

      Genial has realized automated production by adopting a highly automated assembly lines integrating electromechanical devices,

      information,image, and network.


04 Automated Packaging

       Full automated and efficient packaging assembly lines ensure a rapid delivery.


Product Structure