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Genial provides comprehensive care for mothers: A caring assistant from preconception to parenting

source:Genial Dynamic 2024-05-10 10:24:48

Happy Mother's Day

In the heartwarming month of May 

let’s celebrate Mother’s Day with gratitude!

"In the journey of motherhood, from preparing for pregnancy to raising children, every step is filled with anticipation and challenges. Moms not only have to watch out for their own health but also keep a constant eye on their little one’s growth.

With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, Jian’ao steps into the spotlight as the ultimate health guardian for moms and babies. This range of products is designed to be a trusted ally for mothers, helping them navigate and embrace each significant moment with ease."


T28 Fertility Thermometer

Accurate Temperature Measurement, Assisting Conception Preparation.

"For women preparing for pregnancy, temperature monitoring is a crucial step in the conception process. The T28 Fertility Thermometer, with its high accuracy and ease of use, helps mothers-to-be track their basal body temperature accurately, aiding in better understanding of the physiological cycle and increasing the success rate of conception."



T31 Wireless Electronic Thermometer

Real-time Monitoring, High Temperature Alert

"After the baby is born, a mother's concerns naturally shift to the health of her child. The T31 Wireless Electronic Thermometer offers real-time temperature monitoring, allowing parents to keep an eye on their baby's temperature without needing to be constantly by their side. Whether it's day or night, the T31 provides reliable support for the baby's health."



T86 Forehead Thermometer Gun

Fast and Accurate, Disturbance-free Temperature Measurement for Babies

Throughout a baby’s growth, fevers and colds are inevitable. The T86 Forehead Thermometer Gun, with its rapid and accurate measurement method, has become an essential item for every household. It not only quickly captures changes in the baby’s temperature but also avoids the discomfort of prolongedmeasurement for the baby.”



iGenial Smart Health Watch

Comprehensive Monitoring, Caring for Mother’s Health

"Pursuing a healthy lifestyle is a goal for every mother.

The iGenial Smart Health Watch not only monitors health data such as heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality, and respiratory rate in real-time but also tracks exercise and calorie expenditure, helping mothers better manage their health."